About Us

Chief Resume is a culturally relevant full-service career center collaborating with education advocates and employers, offering our clients resources and assistance in their career plans. We also provide opportunities for potential employers to find the best and brightest across all disciplines for their respective organizations.


We are in Dallas, TX with a network that reaches across 3 countries. We represent a large and diverse pool of talented candidates to successfully navigate through Career Services and Job Placement.  


Launched in 2012, we've built a powerful education platform that's helping thousands worldwide by giving them the resources and power needed to fuel their dream careers.

Our Mission

To provide quality resources, programming and compassionate support needed to educate and empower our community members to achieve life-long career success.

The Office of Career and Calling at Chief Resume LLC seeks to aid members from partnering organizations, in exploring one’s life calling through personal discovery, vocational exploration, and educational training.

Our Goal

To achieve our mission, our goal is to provide culturally relevant comprehensive services to meet the needs of our clients where they are in the career development process.

Let Us Meet You Where You Are In Your Career Development Journey.

The Team

Our team consist of professional & experienced certified grant writers, resume writers, career coaches, veteran and military advocates and HR professionals who love serving others.


As we travel often to host seminars, private meetings, and to enjoy life, you may catch our team enjoying lunch in the park, at a local coffee shop, serving their community or catching the sun.


We help thousands around the world get jobs, start businesses, and hire top talent with a laptop and smile in tote.


Office of Career & Calling

The Office of Career and Calling at Chief Resume is an online centralized career resource for all subscribed site members from partnering organizations.

We help prepare all our Career Development Academy members for the World of Business. The career coaching and developing resources available to site members can be used throughout the undergraduate years into graduate school and beyond.


The Online Career Development Academy at CR is dedicated to serving the needs of site members as well as assisting employers in reaching qualified CR Career Development Academy candidates.

Our Career Services Representatives work with our partnering organization’s members at all stages of their career development process – from choosing a major to evaluating a job offer. From facilitating exploration activities and focusing career goals to developing effective resumes and cover letters, graduate school research, and job search strategies.

Let's Connect 

The Chief Resume Career Development Center - Office of Career and Calling is an online resource. To schedule private meetings and events, email careerservices@chiefresume.com

Hours: Mon-Fri 10:00 am-7:00 pm, Sat 10:00 am - 3:00 pm

Phone: (469) 248-6159


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